Out of Steam

Your steam engine is running low on fuel! Protect your remaining fuel and use it wisely to reach the station.

Adding coal increases the fire, and the fire turns water into steam. Don't let your steam run out, and don't hit the obstacles! 

Avoiding Obstacles:

  • Boulders: Move to the front of the train and attach the pilot (plow) to deflect boulders
  • Cows: Blow the horn from the cab to scare the cows off the tracks (the pilot is useless against cows!)
  • Robbers: Go over there and use your shotgun to scare them away!

Controls: [C] while in the cab to add coal to the fire, [Space] to use other actions in specific locations, [Left Arrow] and [Right Arrow] to move around the train.

This was made for Ludum Dare 39 with the theme "Running out of Power". This is my first ludum dare entry!

Programming, art, and the (one) sound effect were made by me.

Updated 1 day ago
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 39, Pixel Art, steam, train
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